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Gravity (A Ladybird Expert Book) Hardcover


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Part of the new Ladybird expert series, gravity is an accessible and authoritative introduction to a force as familiar to us as breathing. Written by celebrated physicist and broadcaster Jim Al-Khalili, gravity proves to be so much more than the adage: ‘what goes up must come down’. Stuck to the surface of our planet we experience gravity merely as a force pulling us down to the ground, but we will discover that it is far richer than that. Inside, you’ll learn that gravity is not really a ‘force’ At all, but something altogether more profound. In fact, gravity controls the very shape of space and the passage of time themselves and, as such, the history and destiny of the entire universe. Written by the leading lights and most outstanding communicators in their fields, the Ladybird expert books provide clear, accessible and authoritative introductions to subjects drawn from Science, History and Culture. For an adult readership, the Ladybird expert series is produced in the same iconic small hardback format pioneered by the original Ladybird. Each beautifully illustrated book features the first new illustrations produced in the original Ladybird style for nearly forty years.

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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 978-0718189037


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