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Lampie and The Children of The Sea Hardcover


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Spectacular… What a treasure trove of a book’ Hilary McKay, author of the Skylarks’ War lampie and the children of the sea is a prizewinning and enchanting fairy-tale adventure, set in a world of mermaids, pirates and stormy seas every evening lampie the Lighthouse keeper’s daughter must light a lantern to warn ships away from the rocks. But one stormy night disaster strikes. The lantern goes out, a ship is wrecked and an adventure begins. In disgrace, lampie is sent to work as a maid at the admiral’s black house, where rumour has it that a monster lurks in the Tower. But what she finds there is stranger and more beautiful than any monster. Soon lampie is drawn into a fairy-tale adventure in a world of mermaids and pirates, where she must fight with all her might for friendship, freedom and the right to be different.

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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 978-1782692188


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