Mr Nobody

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‘Fans of The Silent Patient will love it’ CJ TUDOR
‘Very clever, brilliantly compelling’ BA PARIS
‘Original, ingenious and utterly gripping’ JP DELANEY
*** Memento meets Sharp Objects in this superb thriller from the bestselling
author of Something in the Water, a 2019 Richard & Judy Book Club pick ***
When a man is found on a Norfolk beach, drifting in and out of consciousness,
with no identification and unable to speak, interest in him is sparked immediately.
From the hospital staff who find themselves inexplicably drawn to him; to
international medical experts who are baffled by him; to the nationalpress who call
him Mr Nobody; everyone wants answers. Who is this man? And what happened
to him?

Neuropsychiatrist Dr Emma Lewis is asked to assess the patient. This is her field
of expertise, this is the chance she’s been waiting for and this case could make her
name known across the world. But therein lies the danger. Emma left this same
small town in Norfolk fourteen years ago and has taken great pains to cover all
traces of her past since then.

But now something – or someone – is calling her back. And the more time she
spends with her patient, the more alarmed she becomes.

Has she walked into danger?
Praise for Mr Nobody
‘Original, ingenious and utterly gripping, with characters you’ll really care about as
they race towards the brilliantly unexpected ending’ JP Delaney
‘From the intriguing opening to the shocking ending, I loved it . . . Fans of The
Silent Patient will love it’ CJ Tudor
‘Very clever, brilliantly compelling, another amazing read from Catherine
Steadman’ BA Paris
Praise for Something in the Water
‘Worthy of Hitchcock’ Sunday Times
‘Arresting . . . deftly paced, elegantly chilly . . . Something in the Water is a proper
page-turner’ The New York Times

‘High-octane, heart-pounding read’Good Housekeeping

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Format Trade Paperback
ISBN-13 978-1-4711-6723-2
Publisher Simon & Schuster India
Release Date 14 Jan 2020


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