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Dom Moraes is one of India’s best-known writers with an established
• The first in Moraes’ trilogy of autobiographies, My Son’s Father chronicles
the early part of the poet’s life, growing up in Bombay and Sri Lanka,
with his father, the legendary editor Frank Moraes. It also talks about his
mother’s madness which left him deeply scarred for life
• Travelling across India, the UK and other countries with his father, Dom
Moraes meets many of the most fascinating and famous personalities of
the time—the anthropologistVerrier Elwin, poet Nissim Ezekiel, and
iconic literary figures like Stephen Spender,T.S. Eliot andW.H.Auden
• His skill as a journalist draws out intimate, interesting and quirky details
of the people he met
• My Son’s Father will appeal not only to readers of Dom Moraes’ work but
to fans of great literature everywhere

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The first in Dom Moraes’ trilogy of autobiographies, My Son’s Father is a
coming of age account of growing up in Bombay and Oxbridge of the 1950s,
by a man who has been called the poet of his generation.
Dom Moraes’childhood in Bombay was as privileged as it was lonely—peopled
by his father’s frequent absences.As he says in the opening lines,‘Missing my
father is my first real memory of him.’ It was also a time of conflicted emotions
and, frequently, terror.As Moraes’ beautiful mother, Beryl, sank gradually
from neurosis to madness, she swung between smothering the young Dom
with love,and subjecting him to a variety of bizarre and sometimes violent
punishments—a relationship that left him deeply scarred for life.
Travelling with his father, the legendary editor, Frank Moraes, opened up
a world of rich experiences for Dom.As editor of The Times of India, the
elder Moraes introduced his young son to a range of famous and fascinating
personalities—from the anthropologistVerrier Elwin and poet Nissim
Ezekiel, to Dom’s hero, the iconic Stephen Spender—the first person to tell
him he was a poet.

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